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3504 big and tall chair

3504 Big &Tall Ergonomic Chair For Tall People In Controlling Posture Problems!

Sometimes being too tall can also be the reason for sitting in wrong posture. But as you are tall, it doesn’t mean that you should sit in the wrong posture. This article helps you in correcting your wrong posture which is caused due to your height. 3504 Big &tall Ergonomic chair is an answer to [...]

back injuries

How To Minimize Back Injuries At Your Work Place?

These days working on computer for minimum 8 hours is common. But, the other common thing while working on your computer is back injury. There are many harmful situations that lead to back injury while working on your system. Identify the postures to prevent back injuries. Postures that can lead to back injury: Your body [...]

ergonomic monitor

How To Set Up The Monitor To Avoid Awkward Postures And Eyestrain?

Placing the monitor too close or too far can cause to assume awkward body postures. These bad postures can lead to improper ergonomic condition and cause eye strain. If you are keeping the monitor too far, it can make you to lean forward and cause strain in seeing the small text [Positioning the ergonomic monitor]. [...]

repetittive stress injury

Repetitive Stress Injuries Often Easy To Avoid

Our physiology is designed for movement, not today’s sedentary lifestyle, says Sharon Taylor, an Edmonton-based ergonomics expert ( “We’re not designed to be sitting in a cubicle.” Repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) — which include a number of conditions, including carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow — can result from a workspace that doesn’t work with [...]

Is Your Waist Size Increasing By Spending Lot Of Time On Your Computer?

Is Your Waist Size Increasing By Spending Lot Of Time On Your Computer?

Increase in waist size is the most common problem that is seen in people who spend more time in front of their systems. There are several reasons for the occurrence of this problem and the most common cause which is seen in more number of people is storage of fat in that particular area. People [...]

Complete Keyboard Arm W/ 27 Inch Universal Platform To Solve Problems Of RSI And CTS!

This complete keyboard arm with W/27 inch universal platform makes your hands feel comfortable while working on your system. It also makes your hand to stay or act in the right way so that you will not be affected with various problems like RSI (repetitive strain injury), CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome), etc. The product features [...]

New Ergonomic Glass Massage Tool To Relieve From Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!

A therapeutic tool has been designed and crafted for giving relief to carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) sufferers. The tool named “ergonomic therapeutic glass massage tool” consists of a smooth glass bulb. It is connected to a flat, rounded glass handle that allows users to comfortably grip the tool while performing therapeutic massage. A stream of [...]

Steps To Follow While Purchasing Ergonomic Products!

Ergonomic products are designed to reduce the pain or inconvenience, which occur in your body when you work in front of your computer for long period of time. You cannot expect which type of pain or problem may occur to you in the starting days of working with your computer. It all depends upon the [...]

Find How To Take Care Of Your Ergonomic Products In The Correct Way!

Other than purchasing, care and maintenance of the ergonomic product is the most essential aspect. With proper care and maintenance, you can make your product to stay fine for long period of time without any discomfort, whereas the improper maintenance makes your ergonomic product to become worse and the lifetime of the product will also [...]

Which Type Of Computer Desk And Seating Arrangement You Should Prefer To Avoid Health Problems?

People who work for longer hours in front of their systems will certainly face some health problems like RSI (repetitive strain injury), CTS (carpel tunnel syndrome), back pain etc in their future if they don’t follow certain essential aspects, which will be helpful for them to avoid health problems. The way you sit before computer [...]