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System Performance
Problem: There may be a situation where the user is doing an extensive search or network traffic may be unusually heavy.

Try entering more parameters in the query screen so that the query results can be narrowed down.
Try refreshing the page if the parameters given in the query screen are already narrowed down.

If the problem persists, please contact the help desk.
Default Search Values
Last name, Company name or Case ID is mandatory while searching for a civil or criminal case. Last name or SPN is mandatory when searching the jail system. By default, “Exact Last Name Search” is checked to narrow down the results. Open cases are the default for both the civil and criminal case searches, while jailed inmates are the default for the jail search. The party type is set to “Defendant” by default for the criminal case search.
SPN Search
Unlike the civil and criminal case search, the jail search on a specific SPN will return a page with one or more matches. This is done in order to produce accurate details for a specific booking number on a particular inmate. Selecting one of the available SPN links will result in a detailed information page for the inmate. Because the inmate may have been arrested at different times during his or her life, information about current address, physical description, bond and detainer records may vary with each booking number.
Date Entry
The calendar icons located next to each date field can be used to choose a valid date. Simply click on the calendar and find the date you are looking for. Once you click on the date within the calendar, it will automatically be placed in the appropriate text entry field. If an error message continues to appear while you are attempting to manually enter a valid date, simply delete everything in the field and start over. The message will no longer appear when a valid date has been entered. Make sure to enter the date in MM/DD/YYYY format.
Printing Jail Reports
While printing the jail reports, please set the printer properties to Landscape mode. This will ensure a much better printout and reduce the amount of text wrapping from one line to the next. Make sure to choose the “Printer Friendly Format” option in order to eliminate the header and footer information.