An Ergonomically Designed USB Plug

How many of us have sighed in frustration while we fiddle with iPod cables, camera cables, pen drives, portable hard drives and other USB devices trying to connect them to the laptop or desktop the right way up?

And it is a particular struggle when the USB ports are situated at the rear of the CPU tower. We waste countless minutes trying to get it right, contorting out bodies into strange shapes in the attempt.

ergonomic USB plugNow however a new, ergonomically designed USB plug could mean an end to this particular struggle – this one will fit any which way, even if it is upside down. This is a double USB plug that has two of those plastic bits fitted in, and both are spring loaded so that whichever one is not required, will retract, and you will have plugged it the right way around whichever way you plug it in!

However before we get too excited, this one is just in the concept stage right now and is not something you can order over Amazon yet. With luck though someone should start manufacturing soon?


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