Kantek LCD Glare Filter To Protect You From Ill Effects Of Screen Glare

Kantek LCD Glare FilterKantek LCD glare filters are mainly designed for today’s desktop LCD monitors.

This is lightweight and has frameless design, which offers you an attractive and slim glare protector.

This filter has strong plastic brackets on the top which help to fix the filter over top of the monitor and allow for secure placement. This is very easy to install and remove.

When you use CRTs, it can seriously impact your LCD screen images due to the illumination from overhead lights, lamps and also sunlight.

It becomes very difficult to read the text. This LCD glare filter protects you against uncomfortable ill effects of screen glare. [Ergonomic Monitor]

Benefits of Kantek LCD glare monitor:

  • This filter eliminates up to 95% of screen glare.
  • The filter protects your screen against accidental contact with delicate LCD display and it minimizes the dust and dirt created on the screen.
  • The neural light lens tone for true color fidelity.
  • The filter is lightweight.
  • This frameless design has sturdy plastic brackets to rest over the top of your desktop LCD.

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