Stance Angle Chair-A Multi-Posture Sit-to-Stand Shifting Chair

ergonomic chairThe stance angle chair is the first multi-posture sit-to-stand shifting chair.

A brilliant new design offers a healthy alternative to static seating.

Stance is a high quality chair that adjusts on multiple planes.

Features of stance chair:

  • Better arm function: you can adjust the arm height and also you can rotate in clock and counter clockwise directions.
  • It is lighter and you can easily move it to any place that you want.
  • The new stance chair makes angle adjustments smooth and effortless. It provides an infinite range of motions.

Lumbar support: You can easily adjust to acquire precise lumbar support. You can move your back up and down for optimal lower back support by using simple ratchet control.

Leg pad: The leg pad offers a soft support for any position. It helps to reduce the pressure on your back and spine and allows you to redistribute your weight.

Arm rests: Arm supports are made of soft, smooth urethane covering and provides extended support. It provides optimal comfort while performing tasks.

Arm height: Easily adjustable arm height reduces the stress on your shoulders and neck. Just squeeze the trigger to raise or lower arm rests.

Using the stance angle chair:

It provides three simple control keys to adjust the chair in any position.

Seat height: squeeze the easy-to-reach trigger on the left to adjust your height.

Seat-to-back angle: Squeeze the trigger on the right and adjust your angle to move effortlessly throughout your day.

Leg pad: Push the foot button and adjust your leg pad to support multiple positions and true ergonomic seating.

Positions of the stance chair:

By using the three main controls, the stance angle chair will support you comfortably in every position.

Forward tilt sitting:
It is better for your back than sitting. In this position the seat is angled slightly and your legs are supported. This position helps to relieve pressure from your seat and spine.

Neutral position:
This position is half way between sitting and standing. In this you are in relaxed position that is assumed in zero gravity. This position distributes your weight evenly.

In this position more weight is on your knees and heels kicked up. It takes the stress on your back and feet at the same time.

Reclined standing:
This is one of the most unique of the four postures. It provides optimal blood flow, improves respiratory function and alleviates any pressure on your buttocks.

Uses of stance angle chair:

  • It reduces the effects of sitting at your desk all day such as fatigue, aching back, stiff neck and muscles, low energy and poor concentration.
  • It provides optimal body support through an infinite range of motions.
  • It provides health issues like it reduces the gravity pressure on the skin surface by distributing the pressure more evenly.
  • It helps to increase the breathing and fluid flow in your body and brings oxygen to the brain and removes carbon dioxide.
  • Increases arm, leg and spinal movement, reducing stiffness and pain.


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