Disadvantages Of An Ergonomic Keyboard

keyboardWhile the advantages of an ergonomic keyboard are many and well known, such as reduction of muscle strain and risk of the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, there are certain disadvantages to this kind of keyboard as well:

  • The main problem that ergonomic keyboards are perceived as having is that getting used to them usually takes time and effort. Though once you get used to it, it can make typing easier, faster and less awkward, but getting used to it can take time and can cause error and frustration when you are doing so. One does need to practice before one can become used to it and regain speed and error free work.
  • They can be expensive. Though some ergonomic keyboards can be priced the same as regular keyboards, many cost double and triple that. Most real ergonomic keyboards, that typically feature split keyboards can cost about three to four times as much as a regular keyboard.
  • If a person’s desk is crowded to begin with, this kind of a keyboard will add to it. This is because an ergonomic keyboard typically takes up more space.

These are the reasons that many may not opt for ergonomic keyboards because many cannot be bothered to make the change and the adjustment.


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  1. Great article with unique and valid points that most ergonomic professionals don’t normally address. When I recommend a new ergonomic keyboard I first make sure that the end user has a good level of the “buy in factor”. With out a commitment, the end user will become frustrated and give up and go back to the same old situation. Practice is very important and needs to be talked about up front. The cost of these trays when used properly is a great investment. The alternative is a lifelong of pain and expense correcting CTS or RSI injuries.

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