Don’t Let The Keyboard Become The Hangman’s Noose For Your Neck

Do you spend more than four hours a day in front of a computer? Do you suffer from problems like neck pain, wrist pain, tingling of fingers, leg pain or other such symptoms? Perhaps you are a victim of repetitive strain injury.

Regular computer users in workplace or home can suffer from some kind of problems in the body like carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injury, computer fatigue syndrome and others.

Most computer related jobs require people to sit hours and hours before the computers. Such regular and rigorous use may lead to a problem like sore neck, shoulder and back pain.

Keyboard is one responsible item of computer responsible for neck pain. How to avoid neck pain while keyboarding? [Neck Pain Relief]

If you suffer from neck pain due to constant and long usage of keyboard, perhaps you need some tips on how to avoid neck pain while keyboarding.

While using the keyboard we often tend to look downward on the keyboard to place our fingers right on the keys.

That is because majority of us are not trained to use the keyboard without looking at it. Those who have typing practice can do that, but for most of us we need to look at the keyboard bending our neck downward.

Prolonged posture of body in such a manner eventually causes sore neck. And a time comes when we cannot comfortably keep our neck down for more than five minutes due to acute pain.

Tips to avoid keyboarding neck pain:

  • Ergonomics is the very first answer. To get rid of the neck pain you will have to use ergonomically designed chair and desks for computer or laptop. The ergonomically designed chair would provide you the ample height so that you don’t need to bend your neck to uncomfortable positions. The desk would hold the keyboard in proper position to let your eyes see the keys you push.
  • The whole body posture is also related to your neck. If your body is positioned in a wrong fashion while sitting, there is a possibility of strain on your upper back, shoulders and neck. The tip is you sit properly and in comfortable positions.
  • Rest is important for your body. You should not sit for long hours keeping your neck bend over the keyboard for long hours. Take little breaks in between. Stretch your body, neck and hands to relax them.
  • Make movements of your neck while you sit in front of computer keyboard. Head up and look to your left and right every fifteen minutes. It will not only make your neck relax, but also help your eyes to get relief from strain. [Computer Eye Strain]
  • Take tips of few neck exercises to reduce the pain and feeling of tightness on your neck.
  • Sit close enough to your keyboard to reduce any sort of stretching. Yet it should be far that there is no leaning of your neck too much. Don’t bend your back too much while you sit in front of computer and use the keyboard.


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  1. Felix says:

    Nice tips. I have been having a kind of sore neck due to too much computer use, at times, i just prefer to keep away from the computer altogether. I like the info here, it is helpful

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