Keyboards Designed For Left Handed People

left hand keyboardLeft handed individuals can avail themselves of a keyboard specifically designed to make their life easier but it can also have advantages for others, notably those that enjoy playing games software on their computer.

The main difference between a left handed and right handed keyboard is the placement of the number keys and the various accessory keys for example insert and delete.

Both have the same QUERTY configuration and the former was designed quite obviously for people that are left handed.

For gamers having the numerical keypad to the left, and therefore the opposite side to the mouse, is very advantageous. Playing any game, and a lot of them fall into this remit, where the player must use both the number pad and the mouse, at the same time will be able to be played with both hands.

So a left handed keyboard for gamers, whilst possibly taking a bit of getting used but could eventually be the difference between winning and losing. Typists that are right-handed should also consider this type of set up as it frees up both hands to work and is much more efficient.

The only down side to changing the type of keyboard that you use is that, until you try it out you won’t actually know if it will be right for you. It may be possible to borrow one from a colleague or friend.

A good alternative could be to check at your local store, as often they will have displays where you can try out new products such as keyboards or they might be prepared to let you buy one with the option to return it.


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  1. There are various left handed keyboards with the numeric keypad on the left side made today. This allows the user whether left or right handed to place the mouse closer to the most used section of their keyboard. This closer placement reduces the right hand movement of reaching and moving in awkward positions while using the mouse. This promotes a ergonomic position of having your wrists straight and in-line with your forearms as you use your keyboard prevents internal contact stress on blood vessels, tendons, and nerves.

  2. Danie says:

    Left handed keyboard is a great help to left handed users since it offers a whole new level of convenience at it increases their performance in their keyboard use.It also completely solves the shoulder issues caused by lefties using a normal keyboard.

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