Maxim Split Adjustable Keyboard

Maxim Split Adjustable KeyboardThis Kinesis Maxim adjustable ergonomic computer keyboard is an award winning keyboard, and it is the only accessory, which has license to use Microsoft “combo” USB/PS2 technology.

If your system has PS/2 port, then you have to include PS/2 adopter while using this keyboard.

Your work will become easier with this keyboard in various ways, like with one keyboard you can connect to windows, Linux, Mac, sun systems, as well as legacy PS/2 systems.

Maxim Split Adjustable KeyboardThis keyboard is more versatile and much narrower, when compared to other “natural-style” keyboards.

This kinesis maxim adjustable ergonomic keyboard also accommodates a wide range of user preferences.

Product features:

  • It is a variable split keyboard which has more flexibility when compared to other natural keyboards. No adaptation is required for this keyboard and you can select any opening between 0 to 30 degrees.
  • It also features narrow footprint, which means you can place your mouse where ever you want and even fully separated.
  • The padded palm supports which are attached to the keyboard can be removable.
  • This ergonomic keyboard features tactile and quiet switches. So they are easy to use and you can obtain maximum typing speed easily with these switches.
  • It features standard embedded numeric keypad which is more flexible to use.
  • You can get 2 years limited warranty with this keyboard.
  • The width of this keyboard is 15.1 inches with 0 opening angle selected and the maximum width is 19 inches when fully separated.
  • The height of this keyboard is 1 inch with 0 lateral tilt selected and the Maximum required clearance is 3.5 inches if fully elevated.

To learn further details on this product have a glance on the website given below:


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