Orbitouch Keyless Ergonomic Keyboard

Orbitouch Keyless Ergonomic KeyboardThis orbitouch keyless ergonomic keyboard is revolutionary keyless equipment which removes the barrier posed by the traditional mouse/keyboard combination.

The persons who have repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome will get benefit by the usage of this keyboard.

The comfortable design of this ergonomic keyboard will makes the ease of usage and it is the ideal tool for computing and accessing internet. An integrated mouse is connected in this keyboard and it creates a keystroke when you slide the two domes into one of their eight respective positions.

The usage of fingers is not required while using this orbitouch keyless ergonomic keyboard. So, it reduces repetitive strain injury (RSI) motions up to 82% which are caused over standard flat keyboards.

It is easy to use this ergonomic keyboard. Basically this keyboard comes along with a typing tutor program with on screen help.

By this the speed of the typing the characters will increase a lot and you can able to type more number of characters with in short period of time (few minutes). You can become the proficient orbitouch user in just few hours.

There are various benefits with this keyboard. No strain will be created to your hand by the usage of this keyboard. This keyboard uses your arms and hands instead of fingers.

So, the strain which causes to the finger will get reduced with this keyboard. High comfortable levels and ease of use makes your hands to never leave this keyboard.

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