How To Set Up The Monitor To Avoid Awkward Postures And Eyestrain?

ergonomic monitor

Placing the monitor too close or too far can cause to assume awkward body postures.

These bad postures can lead to improper ergonomic condition and cause eye strain.

If you are keeping the monitor too far, it can make you to lean forward and cause strain in seeing the small text [Positioning the ergonomic monitor].

This can make your eyes tired and it also places stress on your torso as you will not get the support from back rest when you lean forward.

If you are keeping the monitor too close, your eyes will work hard to focus and this can make you to sit in the awkward position.

For example, you may tilt the head backwards for viewing the screen or move back your chair away from the monitor, making you to type by over stretching your arms.

Anti glare filters for monitors:

Protect your monitor from bright light or sun light by taking anti glare steps. Glare is a usual problem you face while working on your computer. The problem usually occurs when bright light or sunlight falls on the screen. Due to the screen glare, you can experience discomfort, headaches and eye strain at office. More computer usage can cause discomfort for your eyes because of the incorrect position of the monitor.

To prevent monitor glare, consider a high quality glare filter for your monitor. There are various glare filters available for CRT and LCD monitors in different sizes [LCD glare filter]. Many anti glare screens have anti-static and anti-radiation properties.

You can also use screen magnification that is available in some glare filters, which can double the size of characters without disturbing the image. Placing the monitor in correct position is also important to avoid damage caused to your back, arms, shoulders, wrists and eyes.

Tips to place the monitor in ergonomic position:

You should sit at a distance where you can view the monitor comfortably and can read the letters easily with upright posture of your head and torso. Your back should be straight, supported by chair.

  • The ergonomic approach is you should place the computer monitor in front of you directly. The approximate viewing distance is between 18 to 28 inches.
  • Tilt the top of the monitor slightly backward so that it will be away from you than the bottom part. Monitor top height must be at your eye level or slightly below.
  • If your monitor is kept at lower height than recommended, adjust the height by adjustable stand present at the lower part of the monitor.


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