A Simple 5 Step Ergonomic Makeover for Your Workspace

Research has repeatedly shown us that office ergonomics can improve worker productivity and wellbeing. Employees polled have themselves admitted that they would be more pleasant to work with, more productive, and less stressed if the work space was made more comfortable.

So what can be done to make your work space more comfortable and ergonomic?

Improve your laptop use

Ergonomic WorkspaceUse a laptop stand or otherwise elevate the laptop when you use it.

Else you can use an external monitor/external keyboard and mouse (check what combination can work for you) so that the monitor screen is at the same level as your eyes.

Support for your back

An employer may provide ergonomic seating or may not. If your chair has built in lumbar support (lower back support) well and good, otherwise use a small pillow or bolster, or even a rolled towel to create lower back support for your chair.

The lower back is where the chair should most importantly support you.

Sit at the correct angle

Sitting erect is all very well, but a ram rod straight back is not going to make for comfortable sitting all day long. It is best to have the back inclined a bit at about a 100 or 110 degree angle. Important thing is to rest the feet comfortably on the ground and not craning the neck forward at an uncomfortable angle.

Adjust your view

If you have to strain your eyes to read what is on your computer screen then it is time you increased the font size of your display. Often we lean forward not for any other reason but to actually read what is displayed on the screen.

Clear the space under your desk

A crowded area under your desk means that your legs are cramped and uncomfortable.


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