6 Tips To Prevent Computer Related Elbow Pain!

Computer related elbow pain is common in people who use forearm muscles repeatedly.

You can experience increased pain in the elbow, difficulty straightening the elbow, stiffness in the elbow joint, and pain when you stretch the wrist extensor muscles after activities involving hand and wrist [wrist pain].

Here are few tips to prevent elbow pain.

Tips to prevent elbow pain:

  • Before starting the work, warm up your muscles by stretching your body parts. It increases blood flow and oxygen to the muscle, preparing it for work in a more effective way with fewer injuries.
  • Place the mouse at keyboard height, arm relaxed at the side and the elbow at 90 degrees or slightly at greater angle. This prevents reaching forward for the mouse.
  • If you change your desk setup or sit for long hours continuously, pain level increases. You should not change the setup suddenly and take short breaks from mouse and computer use frequently.
  • Perform a massage for relaxing the arm muscles. Massage should be done along the length of forearm muscles, starting from hands towards the elbow joint to improve blood supply to the muscles.
  • Wear a brace just below the elbow to take the pressure at elbow attachments and for distributing stress throughout the arm.
  • If your elbow pain is in starting stages, apply cold packs to decrease inflammation and help ease muscle pain.


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