Capabilities And Effectiveness Of Voice Recognition Software

The regular use of computer and problems related to it like repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, eye strain, body fatigue, neck pain etc.

have become a matter of concern with increasing complaints of such problems from office workers, students and home computer users.

The most prevailing RSI is due to the use of data entry through keyboard and mouse. Constant use of hand and fingers, keeping your hand in one position is quite stressful to the nerves, muscles and ligaments of your hand.

Voice recognition software is one such alternative which has been invented to create text style documents interpreting your spoken words.

Yes, voice recognition software can create text style document interpreting words you speak on a microphone or such other device which can recognize voice. It is a substitute to the keyboard for entering data.

The voice recognition software can be really a valuable tool for countless applications. It is not only a substitute for office workers, students, and home computer users, such software can really be handy for those who are physically handicap and cannot use their hands normally like us. They can use their voice now to command for text documents.

The question which is very challenging is – Is voice recognition software helpful? Before we answer ‘yes or no’ we have to access the features of it and see what are its strengths and weaknesses.

Speech/voice recognition software requires complex coding algorithms because idiosyncrasies and differing speech patterns make every one’s style of speech unique.

There is again the difference of foreign and regional accent dialect influence on the spoken words. And moreover the lazy enunciation can change the way the words will be sounded; for instance the word – ‘cool’ has can be pronounced with long ‘ooo’ sound or short ‘oo’ sound. Such difference may make the software interpret the word wrong.

Therefore these things really are challenge to voice recognition software. The words spoken would have to match the potential sound pattern to which the interpretation would be correct.

Therefore the user of such voice recognition software needs some training to the particular style of speech. Voice recognition software comes with training program to use them.

Instructions would be there on how to speak a particular word for better recognition and lessen the mistakes. Proper practice would enable one to use the software correctly. The longer it is used the lesser will be the mistakes.

Voice recognition software may not be oriented to a common user unless a proper training is given. If one completes the training and becomes apt in making the pronunciation then such a software would really be useful.

One can use the software as a substitute to keyboard and mouse to command the computer and decrease the eye strain, fatigues and other problems related to computer usage.


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