Top 5 Health Problems Caused By Computer Use

In the world today computers run rampant. Everyone has something, ranging anywhere from a laptop to a desktop or a cell phone.

Technology is taking over. With technology come health problems, just like with cars. If someone drives a car all day long (like taxi drivers) they could have some serious back problems.

If some one is working on a computer all day long (most of the population of the US) they could end up with problems like loss of hearing, computer vision syndrome, E-thrombosis, generalized anxiety disorder, and back problems.

What do you do if you start having bad vision because you work on the computer for so long every day? First off, you might be developing a tunnel vision where your eyes are focused for so long on the computer that you start having problems with your peripheral vision. This is called computer vision syndrome.

You can fix this problem by getting up and looking at something else for a little while. Moving around can often help if you start to have back problems.

Sitting in an uncomfortable chair, or one that has not been adjusted correctly can cause serious back strain and you should be extra careful not to hurt your back. You only have one.

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