What Cause Leg Pain At Your Desk And How To Prevent It?

Leg PainIs your CPU placed under your desk? Due to this you will place your legs in an uncomfortable position, since there is less space for your legs.

If you are not able to freely move your legs or you need to adjust your sitting position around the CPU can lead to cramped space and pain in your legs.

In this situation you may need to consider a CPU holder. For the proper blood circulation you need to move your legs frequently and your muscle stretched out.

You will experience leg pain in three cases. They include:

  • Not giving support for your lower back curve can cause nerve irritation which results pain in the back of your legs.
  • Pushing the seat pan against the back of your knee can cause muscle tension in your legs.
  • When the seat height is at your heels of the ground can cause contraction of the leg muscles to hold the position leading to leg tension.

How to prevent leg pain?

  • Not supporting lower back is the most common cause of pain in your legs from sitting. Use proper pillows to support your lower back. In order to place the pillow you need to determine where to place it to support the lower curve.
  • Sit up straight and arch your back by sticking out your belly. Then run your hand behind you up and down. The place where you find more deep is the place where you need to place the pillow.
  • It is better if you do 2 low back stretches every 15-20 minutes when sitting at your computer.
  • If the seat pan presses on the back of your knees will cause leg stress and tension. This cause fatigue and the tension in the legs exist over a period of months. In order to get rid of this condition it is better to buy a chair which has shorter seat pan or place a pillow or a piece of foam behind you. This brings you forward and prevents the seat from pressing on the back of your kegs.
  • In order to keep your feet flat on the floor and your knees are slightly lower than your hips adjust your chair height. When you place your legs in this position it will cause less tension, stress, and fatigue. [Ergonomic Seating]
  • If the seat height is too low and the knees are higher than the hips will cause closed angle at the knees and then it results in decreased blood flow to the lower leg.


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