How Lawyers Can Help Neighbors Understand Tree Laws and Live in Harmony

Most neighbors love living together in harmony. It has been said it is impossible to choose your neighbors. Disputes can arise from anything such as tree maintenance and removal. Homeowners can also easily find themselves in trouble with authorities due to trees. These disputes and problems can, however, be avoided through understanding the tree laws. Lawyers can help not just in resolving tree-related disputes between neighbors. They can also help them understand the city’s tree laws for homeowners to prevent problems.

While living close to neighbors, one of the issues you have to contend with is what to do with the trees. Some neighbors are very strict about their trees. They do not want any person near their trees. They give the trees as much attention as they would any other asset they own. For this reason, you can promote neighborliness by ensuring that you do nothing untoward happens with the neighbor’s trees.

Unfortunately, something beyond your control might happen. For instance, the neighbor’s trees could grow and extend over to your side of the property. Your kids could climb the neighbor’s tree and damage it. Lawyers can help in such matters.

Educate You on What Law Says

As your lawyer would tell you, the law expects you to compensate any neighbor whose tree you deliberately or accidentally cut, remove, or harm. In some instances, the neighbor has the legal rights to sue you. They sue to give the courts a chance of enforcing the neighbor’s rights. From the outset, therefore, it is to your advantage to get a good lawyer who can explain all these matters to you and help you live harmoniously with your neighbors.

Educate You on Tree Damages

Tree laws clearly specify what qualifies as damage to the tree.

Normally, you will be right to assume that damage only refers to chopping down the neighbor’s trees. However, the damage is not limited to that definition alone. It also refers to anything you do to affect the tree’s health. For example, you have the right to trim the branches of any tree that hang over the property line. This seemingly simple act and right thing to do could cause serious injuries to the tree. In this case, the neighbor will hold you liable for the damage you caused.

You may also deem it necessary to use one or two chemicals to eradicate unwanted roots and plants in your garden. Sadly, the chemical could run all the way to the neighbor’s property, seep deep into the ground, and kill one of the trees. Once more, the law will hold you liable to compensate the neighbor for harming the trees. Therefore, hiring a lawyer can help you understand what you can or cannot do on the trees or even near them.

However, as your lawyer will tell you, the law expects the neighbor to prove your culpability before suing for damages. Otherwise, the two of you could simply meet and talk the issue over without anybody having to rush to the courts to sue for damages. All the same, you cannot understand any of these unless your lawyer explains them to you properly. Do not hesitate to contact Tree Removal Denver over any tree law that you do not understand.

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