Office Ergonomics – A How To Guide (Part 2)

According to the good office ergonomics guide from Mayo clinic, here are some more tips for maintaining good office ergonomics

office ergonomics

  • The position of the wrists while typing should be straight and natural. They shouldn’t be bent upward or downward. Use a wrist rest to minimize strain on the wrists, and rest the wrists on them when taking a break from the typing.
  • Keep objects that are used frequently, such as stapler, telephone, documents and so on close within reach to avoid having to reach and stretch for them.
  • Using the mouse also, your wrist should be in a natural position, and one shouldn’t have to stretch to use it.
  • The desk should be at least 19 inches deep, 30 inces wide and depending upon one’s height, about 34 inches in height. Space under the desk shouldn’t be used for storage of items; the place below should be clear so that one can have room for legs, thighs and knees.
  • If the chair is too high for the feet to rest comfortably on the ground use a foot rest. Alternatively use a small flat stool, a stack of books and so on.


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  1. Phil says:

    My employees keep asking me about new office chairs and ergonomic products. Are there any brands or styles that you would suggest?

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