What Is The Best Way To Sit At A Computer?

computer deskSitting at a desk or computer monitor for most of the day affects most parts of the body.

Therefore the ideal workspace should appreciate the needs of each and the type of exercise that will be a big help.

The back if incorrectly positioned in poor seating can be the source of much pain and suffering. As well as obvious upright support, ensure that what is required to perform tasks is easy to hand.

Unnecessary stretching should and can be easily avoided. A simple technique that can be performed anywhere is clasping the hands behind the back and gradually starching them upwards.

To relieve any neck tension simply drop your head to the front and make circular movements, changing directions alternately. The way to protect your head and neck area is to make sure the computer screen is directly in front and that no movement is required to work easily.

Legs need regular stretching exercises to avoid stiffness and aches and when working feet should be firmly on the ground at all times. Getting in the habit to get up and do small tasks rather than use a software device will not only mean you get to speak to others but your legs will also benefit.

Always ensure that finger nails are not too long so that it is the fingers pads that take the strain when typing. A gentle fanning out of the fingers will also be beneficial.

Wrists should be straight while working and the use of support pads can be helpful. For light relief hold each hand up individually and squeeze the wrist and fingers in a backward motion.


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