Big Companies Need To Do More To Avoid Repetitive Strain Injuries

repetitive strain injuryAlthough the news often reports accidents that happen in factories and industrial work places, the humble office can be just as dangerous to a worker’s health.

Figures show that annually over half a million of the American population take a leave of absence or sick days from their work in offices.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) state that there are now many repetitive strain injuries (RSI) that affect people sitting at a desk.

Some will result in a minimum of at least a month of recovery, however in the worse possible scenario, an individual could have to retrain and be employed in a totally different field. The most common problem is caused by carpal-tunnel syndrome.

Awareness is key and the advancement of office furniture design, has responded to the rise in repetitive strain injury problems of the work place, it does help avoid possible symptoms.

With a combination of the best possible working conditions at a desk or work space and some basic workplace exercises, people should be able to have a long career ahead of them.

A larger company should by now be aware of the problem from RSI and recognizes that the investment in good facilities will ultimately save money long term.

Employees will also appreciate any considerations given to them in regard to health and safety so it is a real win-win approach.

The OSHA is convinced that a lot can be done to decrease RSI complaints and create a healthier and happier environment for the white collared worker in the United States.


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