Secure Your Law Office the Best Security Guard Company

Your law office is probably equipped with costly devices and appliances. You have probably invested in state-of-the-art computers, bought ergonomic equipment and appliances to ensure your staffs’ comfort. Most importantly, your law office houses sensitive documents of cases being handled and your firm’s operations. It is imperative that you keep these secure from unauthorized access, vandalism, theft, natural disasters, and fire. This is why you need to invest in security systems and contract a Security Guard Company.

Install security systems

There different types of security systems to choose from, depending on your budget. You can install scanners at the door to guard against weapons being carried into the office. Alarm systems, which use different types of sensors, will alert you and your security firm in the event of an intrusion. For protection against fire, install heat and smoke detectors. These will sound a warning in case a fire starts so that actions such as evacuation can take place and efforts can be made to put it out early. Surveillance cameras are also an important part of any security system. These are used for monitoring so that intrusion and suspicious behaviors can detect sooner. They also provide useful evidence for identification, arrest, and prosecution of perpetrators.

Control access to your office and sensitive areas within it. Secure your most important assets behind doors with high-quality, tamper-proof locks, biometric access systems, or access card system that will ensure only those authorized can gain access. For some devices being taken out of the office, you can install device location and tracking systems to make a recovery easier.

Use the best security guard company

While the automated security systems provide great security, the services of fit and skilled permanent security guards is still invaluable. They provide monitoring services and are first responders to intrusions, and if you have highly skilled guards in place, they can successfully stop an intrusion or hold determined intruders off until backup arrives. It is therefore important to vet the security company or individual security guards well.

You need to know the length and nature of their experience, their customer service skills, and their areas of weaknesses among other things. The best security company will have thoroughly vetted its guards’ personal qualities and skills before they send them over. If however, you vet the individual guards, you also need information such as how they handle confrontations, the reasons that drove them to that job and their goals. The guards should also be insured, bonded and well trained.

For the highest level of security that meets your specific needs, you will probably need to use a combination of several of these systems together with having a skilled security guard.

For instance, you might need to combine tamper-proof locks, alarm systems, camera surveillance and permanent security guards. You should use offsite backup for your sensitive electronic data.

Of course, the specific ones you choose will depend on factors such as your budget, the size of the office, and its location. If the office is on the top floor of a building whose management provides adequate security measures, you may need to invest less than if the office was a stand-alone building requiring more layers of security. The important thing is that your security needs are met.

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