Understanding Employee Law and The Benefits Of Employee Advocates In Our Society

In today’s society, it is very important for both the employer and employee to know and understand the importance as well as the benefits of employee law in our society. Employee/labor law is intended to guarantee a safe and fair working environment for the employee. This law is not applicable to the employee alone but also to the employer.

Employee Law

Employee law outlines how the employer should treat his/her employees within the workplace. But unfortunately, most employees are not aware of the rules and regulations of the employee. This has greatly affected most employees and has lead to a lot of confusion between the workers and the employers. There are numerous aspects that cover and protects the employees which mean that they are allowed to take any legal action in case they’re treated unfairly by their employers.

The Importance Of Having An Employee Advocate

Employee advocates help to protect and defend employees from violations of Labor laws in the US and abroad.

An employee who clearly understands the employment law will no have a difficult time to take the necessary actions in case he/she feels that they are being robbed or bullied in their workplace. Despite the fact that you can handle most employee matters on your own, it is always advisable to contact an employee advocate (otherwise known as an employment lawyer) to help you with the critical issues that will need some legal expertise. Only a qualified employee advocate can guide you through this.

A lawyer will make it easier for you when making critical or difficult decisions about your workplace and your employer. He/she will be able to assist you in taking the legal steps before suing your employer if he has done any illegal action, or before quitting a particular job. A qualified employee advocate will not only advise you on whether to quit the job or not, but will also guide you through the steps to take to reduce the risk of minimizing a lawsuit. Below are some of the situations where you need to look for an employee advocate to assist you.

  • If the employee is concerned about the employer’s potential for vandalism or violence
  • If he/she has a complain about any illegal activity taking place
  • In case the employee has revealed that she is either pregnant, disabled or practices a certain religion and feels like he/she is not treated accordingly.
  • If the employee denies the acts being accused of by the employer; this can also happen even after the employee has fired him/her.

The Employee Working Hours Regulations

The employee law and regulations also state that employer is allowed to make the employees work below 48 hours per week, unless if the employee agrees on a signed paper to opt out the working hour regulation. The document should be an agreement between the employee and the employer. Also note that the pain/unpaid holidays, lunch breaks or voluntary unpaid overtime are not included as working hours. In case you don’t know where or how to sign the working hour document, kindly contact your advocate for assistance

It is therefore very important for every worker to know all their rights in order to avoid being treated unfairly by their employers or other co-workers while working. For further assistance about the employee laws and advocates, feel free to contact any authorized employee advocate around your area.

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